a tale of furniture shopping

alternate title: the mad, mad story of how V got a big girl bed

once upon a time, a little girl called V started growing up. finally, her parents decided that it was time to transition into a big girl bed. after much internet research and an early christmas gift from grandma and grandpa f, the big day arrived. it was time to go to the store, look at the options in person and make a decision.

V’s mommy and pop waited until she woke up from her nap and ate a good snack. then, rather than play outside in the fall weather, they all hopped in the car and drove to the furniture store. V had been doing such a good job at going on the potty that they didn’t even bring the diaper bag. V’s mommy just brought her purse.

as we entered the furniture store, the showroom appeared to be the best playground ever. there was lots of open space and about 10 different ladders to climb that all led to beds! there were white beds and brown beds. there were bunk beds and lofts beds- the loft beds even had toys underneath for small people to play with.

while V’s mommy and pop tried to look at the choices and talk to the sales person, V began exploring. then she went faster and faster. then she started climbing. then she went into the other room. all the while V’s mommy is trying to figure out which is the right bed to buy and ask intelligent, reasonable questions to the very helpful sales person.  approximately 5 minutes has passed.

the sales person walked away and V’s mommy and pop started to talk about what bed to purchase. by this time, V discovered the even bigger room with even bigger beds with even bigger ladders. just as V reached the top of a giant set of bunk beds, she started to cough, not being over her cold quite yet. V’s mommy scooped her up while standing on a ladder and on the way down, V spit up. then, while sitting on the floor, cleaning up the spit up, V looks up at her mommy and says, i peed. oh yeah, on the floor.

no diaper bag, no wipes, no water sippy. just an over excited 2 1/2 year old and a giant mess.

fortunately, i had a pull up in my purse, the sales person got her a drink of water and we cleaned up in the bathroom. we finished the whole transaction with me at the sales register, MHM guarding ladders from unwanted climbers and V with no pants and happy as a clam. what is it about furniture stores that makes children lose their minds? both MHM and i both have vague recollections of him and his brothers and me and my sisters wreaking mayhem during various furniture shopping adventures. why did i think V would be any different?

amazed by furniture store induced lunacy,



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