potty training: poop goes in the potty

dear world,

we are in the home stretch of potty training. rarely does V have an accident anymore when she pees on the floor. yesterday was the first day in a long time that she had one. however, getting poop into the potty is quite a different matter. she just can’t do it. actually, let me say that differently. she chooses not to do it.

she knows when she’s pooping and she’ll tell you: mommy, i pooped. i pooped in my pants. ugh. let me illustrate:

this morning as we’re getting ready for school and work, i’m in the bathroom and she’s happily pulling all of her pants out of the drawer and piling them on the floor. suddenly, she’s silent- a sure sign she’s up to something. i walk in and she’s squatting, holding onto the drawer for support. mommy, i’m pooping.

i cart her into the bathroom, pull down her pants, dump her poop into her little potty and sit her down. we’ve found these wonderful flushable wipes and of course the container was empty. i told her not to move while i went back to her room to grab the regular wipes. in the 30 seconds i was out of the room, she tried to help. she pulled out the little potty, dumped the poop (mostly) into the big potty then proceeded to throw the entire little potty into the toilet. ugh, again.

finally, i cleaned her up, cleaned up the toilet and washed all of our hands. i hope this part gets over with soon. i’m about done with the poop accidents. i spoke with a friend yesterday who finally told her son that this was the last pack of pull-ups and he’d better figure it out because after that there simply wasn’t another option. i don’t quite think that will work with V yet, but it’s certainly an idea.

over it,



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