picking pumkins

hello world,

this year, V really gets halloween. she is so excited to go trick or treating on thursday. our neighborhood has a parade each year for kids and dogs (last year the dressed up dogs absolutely outnumbered the costumed kids) and then we eat a quick bite and go door to door. some friends will be joining us and their 1 year old daughter will be dressed as a lion. V keeps asking when she can go do trick or treat with baby r. now mommy? no, on thursday. ok, now mommy?

when my mother in law visited a couple weeks ago, we picked out pumpkins together. (this is when i learned V could eat an apple off the core.) she had so much fun and counts the pumpkins every time we come home. look mommy, 1-2-3 pumpkins!


my apple, my little pumpkin!


i want this one, grandma



we’re going to carve jack o’lanterns tomorrow night with her. i hope they turn out. i’m not the most artistic person in the world and my carvings always look like a 5 year old did it. hopefully, our neighbors will think V is precocious.

looking forward to trick or treat,



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