apple time in ohio

hello world,

it’s finally fall in ohio. not only have the seasons properly changed, but the leaves are turning bright colors on the trees. we even had a couple days when i needed a sweater. not this past weekend, however. the leaves may be orange and red and yellow, but the temperature got into the 80’s.


who loves apples? V does!

this past weekend, we took V to an apple stand to pick apples and pick out pumpkins. i thought it was pick your own apples, but was mistaken. it was just a little farm shop with already picked apples in bushel baskets for purchase. V loved it though and reached right in to grab an apple from the nearest bin.


and proceeded to eat the entire thing! all this time, i’ve been carefully slicing apples into thin slivers to make sure she doesn’t choke for no reason. she can eat the whole thing off the core, peel and all! the apple she chose was approximately half the size of her face.

moving beyond carefully sized pieces of food,



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