dear world,

it took me 30 years to learn how to properly do my hair. i finally found a wonderful stylist who actually took the time to show me how to dry my hair and use products well. i have naturally curly hair, which can be a beast, and she demonstrated good hair tips and tricks.

getting ready for school

V on the other hand has hair finally. it took 2 years for her hair to grow in thick enough to be able to do anything with it. it never occurred to me that i could put it in pigtails until she came home from school one day and her teachers had done her hair. she looked awesome.

now, the challenge is for me to model their fabulous technique. i did the best i could and managed two silly pigtails with a ragged part down the middle. i picked her up from school later that day and she had two fabulous pigtails with a perfectly straight part. i don’t know how they do it, but i love it!

i never thought i would get so excited about doing my child’s hair, but it’s so fun! and she gets a huge kick out of it. after we get her hair up, we have to look in the mirror together and admire how beautiful she is. pretty pretty, she says.

overwhelmed by cute,



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