what reading means to V

dear world,

i woke V out of a dead sleep to get ready for school this morning. she has started to wake up and want to go potty which is confusing for her and sleepy for all of us. needless to say, we ran a little behind.

after breakfast, V and i climbed back upstairs so i could get dressed. i asked V if she would like to sit in her chair and read to puppy while mommy got dressed. i handed her the great chicken escape a woodcut book by nikki mcclure. we removed the changing table from V’s room yesterday and this book had fallen behind. we looked at it before bed last night.

i went into my room and could hear her reading the story to her puppy. there are no words on the pages, just black and white pictures. “come back chickens,” she called. “look at the cows, puppy!”

i feel so proud and amazed at those moments. when she is able to take something in, process it and put it back out into the world in her own way i feel successful as a mother.

enjoying a nice morning moment,



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