potty training: round 3

hello world,

well, we still have a very clean floor, but this week we had a major turning point. usually, while watching sesame street V cannot think about anything else. she zones. wednesday night, after drinking 2 entire sippy cups of water and peeing on the floor 3 times we decided to watch the count. as the count is counting sneezes (2, 2 sneezes!), she looks at me and says, “mommy, i have to go potty.” i scooped her up, ran into the bathroom and she did it! she peed in the potty! not on the floor, not on the way. actually in the potty. i gave her 3 m&m’s because i was so proud.

yesterday at school she only had 1 or 2 accidents and since she’s been home with us, she has had zero accidents. that’s right. she is officially going in the potty. and not just at home- this morning at the market and at the bookstore she said, “mommy, i have to go potty.” and then she did! i put her in a pull up just in case, but it was dry when we got home.

we also added a new potty book to the mix, once upon a potty, by alona frankel. V loves this book. we read it on the potty together. she reads it to her puppy in the kitchen. it’s about a little girl named prudence and actually talks about body parts and shows prudence sitting on the potty. there are a remarkable number of potty books which don’t do either of those things.




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