mommy brain at its finest

dear world,

yesterday, we had such a good morning. we went to the playground, V went down the big slide all by herself and played with other kids for hours. then we came home, had lunch and she went down for her nap. or did she?

the answer is no. she did not go down for her nap. after an hour of messing around, i got her up and we went to target. i should explain my level of frustration at this point. she was clearly tired and clearly choosing not to sleep. MHM asked to watch the footbal game uninterrupted, which is fair, so off we went to run errands. as i walked down the center aisle, i saw a whole display of halloween cards and thought, sh*t, did i forget my grandma’s birthday again? (her birthday is on halloween) it wasn’t until hours later that i realized it’s only the beginning of september. seriously, target, you shouldn’t mess with a person like that.

then, after dinner, MHM and i cleaned up the kitchen while nana watched a dvd with V. about 10 minutes after i came in the living room, V got up from the chair and walked up to the tv. then she assumed the position and started to pee. i felt so proud of myself for recognizing the stance then scooping her up and rushing to the potty. only the tiniest bit of pee hit the floor.

mommy brain hard at work: i don’t know what month it is, but i know when my kid is going to pee on the floor.

so there,



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