potty training: round 2

hello world,

we are turning a corner in potty training. after a week of V not wanting to sit on the potty, or sitting on the potty and then peeing on the floor 10 minutes later, we have made some serious progress in the last 24 hours.


  1. yesterday, V went in the potty twice at school yesterday! she got a sticker on her potty chart and was so excited she told me about it.
  2. today at the grocery store, she looks up at me and says, “mommy, i peed in the shopping cart!” and she sure had. fortunately, we had a pull-up on as opposed to big girl underpants, but recognizing when she’s going and telling me about it is tremendous!
  3. she also asked to go to the potty about 6 times today. nothing actually went into the potty, but i have to assume that’s the next step.

the new problem: i told V that she can have an M&M when she goes in the potty. now, she just cries because she wants an M&M. she understands what she has to do to get one, but hasn’t done it and now she’s sad.

i had a moment this week when i was just ready to cry. she wouldn’t sit on the potty, she clearly had to go and she just held on to me sobbing. she was so worked up i couldn’t get her to focus long enough to wipe her butt and get clean pants on her.  the combination of being over tired from a big day at school, waking up early and trying to get the hang of something new and complicated can be a lot for such a small person. trying to make it exciting just made it more stressful.

the progress: i think we’re close- or at least closer. MHM and i are both trying to be more relaxed with her on the potty now. she can try or she can get up. she can read a book or hold onto puppy. we’ve adopted a more laissez-faire attitude and i think she’s responding to it. either that, or she really is smarter than both of us and will do this when she’s decided that it’s her idea.

round 2 is a wash (or rather, lots of wash),



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