potty training: round 1

dear world,

i know the last few posts have all been related to potty training, but that’s what’s going on in our world at the moment. i don’t really know what i expected to happen when we swapped out diapers for big girl underpants, but this isn’t quite it.

ideally, i imagined V would be so uncomfortable peeing that she would instantly make the connection between peeing on the potty and not peeing on the floor. done and done.

in reality, V has no problem peeing on the floor. she doesn’t particularly care where she pees and has not really managed to get any pee into the actual potty.

the progress: she is now aware that peeing causes an effect and once she pees will run to the bathroom and sit on the potty. she has not grasped the “tell mommy before you pee” part yet, but we’ll get there. she wants to get a sticker for peeing in the potty and she really wants to go to the bear store to get a bear. but, no bear until she can use the potty most of the time. that’s the deal.

the problem: the other big challenge is that by the end of the night tonight, she just didn’t want to sit on the potty anymore. “no, mommy, no mommy,” she whined. when we put her on the potty and she doesn’t have to pee, it’s like detention according to MHM. which makes sense. it’s like putting her in time out for something she hasn’t done yet and that’s no good.

starting tomorrow, we’re going to just react instead of trying to put her on the potty every 20 minutes or so. i think that will help with the stress of the situation and hopefully continue the progress part.

round 1 goes to untamed bodily functions,



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