preparing for potty training

dear world,

i learned recently that most children of my parents’ generation were potty trained by 18 months. seeing as V is nearly 2 1/2, we’re way behind the old days. thus, we prepare for potty training.

i should note, that V also is starting to display the other commonly agreed upon signs that she’s ready to do this on her own. i feel like i’m designing a campaign calendar- working backwards from the desired results. i’m not sure she completely understands what it means to actually evacuate on the potty so here’s our plan:

we have a little potty in the upstairs and downstairs bathroom in order to be ready at the drop of a hat (or a deuce). we’re going to talk about it all week with her and demonstrate how it works at every opportunity. then, starting saturday morning, no more diapers and hello big girl undies! every 20 minutes we’re going to sit her on the potty and see what happens.

fortunately, her daycare is totally on board and ready to execute the plan on our signal. her teachers told me to just bring a giant stack of clean underwear everyday and they’ll help her be successful as well. i really hope this works. MHM isn’t sure she’s ready and frankly, neither am i, but i believe she’s smart and if we work hard enough with her she’ll get it. i also have a serious supply of stickers to reward her for a job well done.

here’s hoping,



1 Response to “preparing for potty training”

  1. 1 Mumblingmummy August 29, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Good luck! We started potting training our little girl (born march 08) last monday and it was hit and miss for the first few days. What really helped was the tick chart… On the first few days I just ticked when she did one in the potty and the ones she missed. Then, when I hit rock bottom with more misses than hits, I started noting the times of the hits or misses… From that I could predict the patterns a bit better. Now on day seven, we have had one accident in 48 hours and that was more down to me than her!

    Worked for us but everyone has their own survival technique – good luck
    and don’t give up!!

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