why not travel the first week of school?

hello world,

as part of my work, i’ve traveled quite a bit this summer. the first three weeks of july i bounced from NYC to california then back east for a wonderful week of vacation. this afternoon, i fly out for portland, oregon.

the challenge: MHM is back to school this week full time. V is back to school this week full time. i will not be here to help. yesterday, she plunked down in a pint sized chair and started playing without giving me a second thought. when i dropped V off at daycare this morning, she didn’t want to let go. i talked with her last night about mommy taking another plane ride, but it didn’t seem to register. it’s amazing how much she can sense without fully comprehending.

ultimately, everyone will be fine. MHM is totally prepared and he doesn’t have students until monday. V loves her teachers and friends at school. this week she gets to do gymnastics and have music with miss joanie which is her favorite and she’s been asking about since the weekend. the biggest difference is that i will miss them and they each have to get up a little earlier in the morning.

already feeling the distance,



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