starting a tradition

dear world,

i always wonder how family traditions get started and we happened upon the start of our our family tradition yesterday.

to set the scene, all day the weather threatened rain. the radar said rain, the sky looked ominous and it certainly smelled like rain outside. after our normal saturday morning grocery shopping and errands, V settled down for her nap. MHM and i sat outside on the porch to talk through available free, fun and indoor activities for the afternoon. how about the library? nope, closes at 4pm on saturday. we could go to COSI? nope, $40 for an hour of entertainment seems a little steep. i know, let’s go to barnes and noble. they have a nice children’s section and we don’t have to actually buy anything.

after V woke up and had snack, i put her in the car with the promise of going to the bookstore. (at this point, it is in fact really raining quite hard.) as i reach the first traffic light, i realize that not only do i not want to go to barnes and noble, but i don’t want to park a mile from the door and hurry through the rain without raincoats or an umbrella. there’s a little bookstore at the bottom of our hill next to the bank that we’ve never visited. really, what i cared about is the 4 feet from the parking lot to the door. i turn right and head down the hill.

cover to cover is the only independent children’s bookstore in the city of columbus. we stumble in, literally dripping, and the sales person greets us and gives me a paper towel to wipe off. she informs me about the story times they do on saturdays at 11am and tuesdays at a time we can’t go. then she gives us our space to explore with the full understanding that we’re really here to play on a rainy saturday. she tells us where the reading areas are.

it was wonderful and welcoming. they didn’t mind that V ran all over and pulled books off the shelves. she sat down and read them before moving on the to the next interesting area. the bookstore had large stuffed animals perched on the book cases – a huge giraffe and lion, giant puppies of all varieties and a larger than life clifford the big red dog which V had hugged several times before we took off.

what’s the tradition? our plan is to stop in once a week (hopefully to catch story time) and get V one new book on each visit. the store is poised to meet her needs as she grows and we’ll be supporting a local business while fostering V’s love of books and reading. can you think of any better weekend habit?

happy reading,



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