fun in the sun

hello world,

in the history of V, she has refused to take a nap exactly 2 times, the second of which happened today. she hung out in her room for 20 minutes before we all realized a nap was not in the cards. i thought, i’ll take her to the pool! that is not only fun, but exhausting.

well, we had a very good time in the big pool and the baby pool and stayed forever. finally, i feel ready for a nap so i thought V must be ready for a nap, too. we dried off, came home and i put her in her bed. nope. no nap. and now, it’s on. rather than a race against time to feed her before she simply falls asleep on the floor, the goal is now to keep her awake until a reasonable hour to settle in for the night.

fortunately, we made it safe and sound. no major meltdowns and she ate a very solid dinner. however, i feel like a 7 year old kid who spent all day at the pool and am so tired i can barely speak. i have pink cheeks, pool hair and the kind of body tired that only occurs after a good day in the sun. i feel great. i feel a little triumphant.

wishing i could do this everyday (sort of),



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