how do you discipline a 2 year old?

hello world,

V is sassy in her old age. only 2 years old and it’s like someone flipped a switch inside to sassy- or maybe defiant would be a better word. the challenge for me is that she clearly knows she’s about to do something bad, does it anyway and then looks all mischievous and proud of herself which in turn makes me furious.

for example, sunday she really worked to push all my buttons. when she’s done eating now she starts throwing food, utensils, milk off the edge of her high chair as opposed to saying, “all done” which she has pleasantly done for over a year. for lunch, not only did she start launching food onto the dining room floor, but figured out how to stand up in her high chair. this is actually dangerous and not just a bad idea. our dining room has hardwood floors and her high chair has wheels. imagine all the bad ends to that choice.

i told her no. i told her to sit on her butt. she just laughed. how on earth does one communicate the hazard of that situation without her actually plummeting to the ground? i couldn’t even really redirect her because no matter what, she had to get down. awful.

struggling with sassiness,


ps – i should note that overall, she’s still a lovely person and i love her very much. but, i certainly know how to push my own mother’s buttons and respect the early arrival on the scene of V’s abilities to do the same thing.


3 Responses to “how do you discipline a 2 year old?”

  1. 1 amanda June 15, 2010 at 5:48 am

    i appreciate that she eats her food first, and then starts pushing your buttons! a girl after my own heart 🙂

    i dont know how to make her stop, though. wish i could help!

  2. 2 Todd Pack June 15, 2010 at 11:04 am

    First, remember that they’re called the terrible 2’s for a reason!

    Second, she can’t throw food and milk if she can’t reach it. This might not be practical, but maybe you could put only a bite or 2 on her tray at a time. If she eats it, great. If she throws it, it won’t make as big a mess. Likewise, if she’s learned to stand up in her high chair, maybe she could sit in your lap, or maybe you could have a picnic on the floor.

    Third, I think kids do things sometimes to test the boundaries. That’s how they learn. It sounds like V has learned that throwing food on the floor gets a certain kind of reaction from mommy, so try hard not to react.

    Hope it works, and hang in there!

  3. 3 candidlymommy June 16, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    those are great suggestions! thank you for sharing. i’m working hard on not reacting now. my big plan is to remove her from the situation or remove the situation from her if need be.

    here’s hoping!

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