easter egg hunt spectacular

dear world,

i remember going to the park near my grandma’s house as a girl to hunt for easter eggs with a bunch of kids i didn’t know in a town i didn’t live in, but i’m pretty sure i enjoyed myself. hunting for easter eggs in a field is fun. what other day of the year does your mother encourage you to pick up all the cool stuff you find in the grass, put it in a basket and bring it home?

this past easter, we took V to an easter egg hunt at her great-grandpa’s health and rehab center. while not her first easter, it’s the first easter that she’s been mobile. let me describe the chaos of this event.

first, it was held in a courtyard with hay in covering a flower bed and the eggs were hidden in the hay. i mean, i’m assuming the eggs were in there at some point because by the time we made it over to the hay patch no eggs remained.

second, the activities director told folks that there would be space for the littlest kids first then a separate area for the big kids. that did not happen. when all the kids corralled in the courtyard realized the eggs were in the hay it became a free-for-all.  V and i hovered near the edge. she refused to enter into the madness. i watched parents digging through piles of hay while forlorn children stood and watched. then i saw 2 or 3 kids wander past with about 30 eggs in each of their baskets. i did not reach in and help myself, though i seriously considered it.

we gave up and went back inside. on our way, we passed the activities director with a box of forgotten eggs. now this time, i did help myself and V left with an egg. she doesn’t really care that much. it makes a nice noise when you shake it.

glad the chaos is over,



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