motherhood time out

dear world,

today i took an afternoon for myself. first, V and i ran all over the place running errands. new books, check. paper towels, check. groceries, check. after lunch, MHM took over and i took off.

i scheduled a massage and got there early enough that i had a couple moments to read before the masseuse called me back. then an hour later, i stepped out of the room much more relaxed and pleasant, but not quite ready to go home. an hour of quiet in a dark room can do wonders for a girl. i decided to take more than an hour.

instead of doing sensible errands, i decided to look for a new dress. i’ve changed sizes so many times over the past couple years that i no longer have an everyday dress for winter. i don’t really need one so there was no pressure to find the perfect dress for some occasion- this was just for fun. i had every sales girl in the place helping me pick out dresses. they even went into the back to pull dresses that weren’t on the rack yet for me to try- green, black, purple, teal. no one had seen the dresses on a person yet and as a result, i got to show off the new styles for the sales people. someone else’s mom even helped (ok, i may have gotten stuck in a dress and couldn’t get the zipper down by myself). we all enjoyed playing dress up for a couple minutes.

alone time is nice. in those couple hours, i felt so free knowing that i could make decisions solely based on me. i didn’t have to rush. i didn’t have to worry. i could simply decide what would make me happy at this moment.

ironically, V slept the from the minute i left to the minute i got back. MHM had an afternoon to himself, too.

more centered and slightly sillier,



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