breakfast with V

hello world,

as i sat this morning, drinking my coffee and getting ready to start my day, i realized how much i enjoy having breakfast every morning with V. she wakes up, we change her pants, grab puppy and head down to the kitchen. by this time, MHM has left for school so it’s just us. 

what do you want for breakfast this morning? “waffles!” and? “nana!” ok, waffles and banana. she plays with her puppy while i get her milk ready, cut up her banana and waffle and pour myself a cup of coffee. “coffee” she says, “mom.” once everything is set, she is responsible for bringing her milk into the dining room. up in her chair, i put on her bib and give her the plate of food.

and then we sit quietly together until she’s done. i drink my coffee, she eats her breakfast and we don’t talk. sometimes we look at the cat. sometimes we giggle a little (bananas and waffles can be very funny). but mostly, we just sit next to each other.

then the moment is over and she’s moving. the morning starts, we rush around and it’s hectic from that point forward.

relishing the shared moment,



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