a green bathroom remodel?

hello world,

our house was built in 1924 and while overall in very good shape, the upstairs pipes are original. we’ve been in this house almost 3 years and in that time have called the plumber at least 5 times to unclog the upstairs drains- tub, sink, tub again. the last person who came to save the day (always on a sunday, of course) told us that old pipes not only collect ick over time, but also wear thin. ever since, i’ve been waiting for the day that they wear too thin and disintegrate.

just before the holidays, on the first really cold day of the year, we bundled the baby and headed to a green materials supplier in the short north, greenovate. the shop was small, but full of recycled glass counter top samples and pieces of bamboo flooring. i had spoken with the owner over the phone in the fall and he recommended stopping in to talk. since we are still in the consideration phase, he suggested a contractor who has done a great deal of work in our neighborhood, but also works closely with greenovate to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

obviously, i lost his card within hours. fortunately, i emailed the owner who within minutes sent me the contact info again and finally i have started us on the path to a green, non-busting pipe bathroom.

productive today,



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