books, books, books

dear world,

V loves to read! she will walk to her shelves, pull out the book she wants and bring it over to you. if you happen to want to read a different book, she will close that book and choose the book she prefers. it’s pretty cool.

when i was a little girl, i loved to read. instead of running around outside with my sisters and the other kids, i could usually be found upstairs in my room reading. i remember one summer i read the entire little house on the prarie series by laura ingalls wilder. i loved it. one summer i read margaret mitchell’s gone with the wind. seriously, the book took me an entire summer! the pages are made of tissue paper, i swear.

now, it’s V’s turn. her current favorites were gifts.

Let's Dance, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton: Book Coverlet’s dance little pookie, by sandra boyton is in the mix.

That's Not My Monster by Fiona Watt: Book Coverthat’s not my monster, by fiona watt and rachel wells is a new classic.

and finally 3 dr. seuss books: the foot book, mr. brown can moo, can you? and dr. seuss’s a, b, c. she’ll read the same book over and over and over again- way past when an adult has become bored.

i think the best compliment i have received in a long time came to me this week from a new mommy and my oldest friend. she asked me when we started reading to V because she wants baby Z to think books are toys like she does.

a proud mommy today,



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