happy christmas!

hello world,

V is 19 months old and this is the first christmas that she’s had any concept of celebration. we’ve had our tree up for a month and now, every morning when we come downstairs it’s become part of the routine to turn the lights on and admire it. “wow!”, she says.

i have to admit, however, that i am not betty crocker. a couple weeks ago, after a long day of work for me and school for MHM the time had come to wrap presents. V went down for bed, i dragged up a ripped bag of wrapping paper and after much searching the gift bag containing tags, ribbons, etc. i started the project in a bit of a sour mood, not because of the wrapping, but just because of the day. and MHM started baking cookies in the kitchen.

that’s when i had a moment. V’s holiday memories are not going to be of me in the kitchen smiling while pulling pan after pan of cookies out of the over. christmas isn’t going to smell like sugar and spice and everything nice. and if it does, it’s going to be MHM making it happen. this is our first christmas tree since we’ve been married and we had to search the basement for the ornaments we’d been given over the years. the house looks quite festive.

i think we made the day special for her in spite of everything. santa brought her a kitchen, which she loves and an easel which she couldn’t care less about (or reach). we opened her first gift together and it turned out to be a book. she lost interest in opening more presents and just wanted to read her new book. so that’s what we did amid the chaos of the morning.

hoping your holiday was as happy as ours,



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