friday night out: fail

hello world,

someone had to explain “fail” to me a while back. i learned about failblog and how to properly use the term. well, i now have no doubts about the true meaning of fail. let me explain:

the plan: i will pick up V from daycare, drop her at nana’s house, meet MHM at home. then we would enjoy a nice dinner before going to see his high school’s play.

reality: i picked up V who had only slept for 1 1/2 hours all day and has a wicked cold with a yucky cough. ok, we’ll still go to the play- she can sleep at nana’s just as well as at home. then i have to stop at the drug store to purchase baby motrin. it’ll help her feel better. finally we get to nana’s when i discover i bought the wrong medicine all together. but, then i found children’s tylenol in the diaper bag inexplicably. i gave V kisses and left.

i got home, ran upstairs to change my shirt and MHM asks if i’m going to wear the boots i have on. i actually really put some thought into my outfit yesterday. we’re going to his school, i’m going to meet his co-workers and students. i want to look respectable. however, i am about 3 inches taller than MHM in these boots. so i changed my whole outfit including the shoes. ah, love.

we hop in the car to try an asian restaurant relatively close to the high school. 30 minutes later (the drive should have taken about 15 minutes) we arrive to a line out the door. at this point, we don’t actually have time to wait and still make the play on time. 30 minutes later (again, for a 15 minute drive) we just grab a quick bite at wendy’s.

just as we’re finishing our fast food dinner, i get a text from nana that V is feeling so bad she’s brining her home. so we left. we all got back to the house at the same time, gave V some motrin, changed her pants and put her to bed. dinner awful. play abandoned. 1 hour spent in the car for no reason. amazing.

on a brighter note, V woke up feeling much better and is settling down for her nap right now. what a ridiculous evening.




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