travelling with a small person

dear world,

i am back after a rather unexpected hiatus. these past weeks, i have had my hands full. i traveled out to see a good friend this past weekend to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first baby. she’s 36 weeks along and ready to move into the next phase of life- motherhood.

the challenge i ran into came in the package of a very small, chatty, curious person in an unfamiliar place with lots of sharp corners, steps, outlets and unexpected dangerous toys within arms reach. in my own house, i’m a pro. i know pretty much how long it will take me to stop her from climbing the stairs. i know that when i gate us into the kitchen, the only stuff V can reach is ok for her to have.

away from home, remarkably the kitchen still proved the safest room in the house and the most interesting. i stayed with my friend’s parents who brought out a bin of all her old toys. V loved it. i gave her a metal bowl that clanged with the metal pot lid she discovered all on her own and it allowed me to make her meals without disaster. outside the kitchen, there are random stairs to climb up and fall down, a catwalk (an actual catwalk with no sides, just rails and planks) and garden implements. fortunately, there was also an amazing garden. we explored the cabbage and marigolds then wandered on down to the chicken coop. V eyed the chickens, but the rocks in the path surrounding them interested her more in the end.

at the shower, i met the dad of a little boy a bit younger than V. we met on the stairs. how long have you been here? about 20 minutes. yeah, i was here 20 minutes ago, too. V and the little boy went up the stairs and down the stairs- over and over and over again. the dad and i bonded briefly and then the kids went off in different directions and i didn’t see him again before we left. i am exhausted by large parties with her. she has so much fun, but i am on alert every minute. and this house was full of surprises- like bowls of rocks, on the floor in every room!

i must say, i missed home after 4 days in unfamiliar territory being the sole care giver for V. i missed MHM, i missed my kitchen and i missed the ease of letting V wander on her own. i want V to be responsible for herself and to figure out the world with me by her side, but it’s hard at a party or just on your own in general. we’re home now and it’s nice.

finally relaxing,


ps- i forgot to mention that it was really good to see my friend. she had never met V and i missed visiting with her. sunday afternoon, we stole a couple hours alone together. we’ve known each other since high school and it’s like being with family when we’re together. simple, easy and comfortable.


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