local foods week, continued

hello world,

it is local foods week here in ohio sponsored by local matters. today, i did my little part by purchasing a killer long sleeve t-shirt from skreened. skreened is a local business that has very respectable ethics: no sweatshops, green printing methods. according to their site:

Local Foods Week - Cool Custom T-shirts, Ethically made.

Skreened is the best place to make custom t-shirts. We incorporate environmental shirt printing methods with fashionable and ethically made American Apparel brand t-shirts to produce soft, vibrant and durable full color custom t-shirts.

our dinner tonight came entirely within the boundaries of ohio: burgers from blues creek farm in marysville, salad greens and potatoes from elizabeth telling farms in barnesville and cucumbers and peppers from less familiar vendors at the farmers’ market. yum! V’s milk is even from an organic ohio dairy available at the clintonville community market.

i have to be honest though, i’m drinking wine this evening that is not from ohio. however, the local matters sponsored event i’m thinking about attending tomorrow night features a wine tasting and snacks from ohio wineries. i’m just not the biggest fan of ohio wines.

back to my skreened experience, aside from knowing a great t-shirt is headed my way my confirmation email used “you’re awesome” in lieu of sincerely. for such a small thing, it brightened my whole morning.

you’re awesome,



1 Response to “local foods week, continued”

  1. 1 astropixie October 9, 2009 at 10:35 am

    i like the word “localicious!”

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