coming soon: a regular night out

hello world,

MHM and i went to a wedding recently and had a girl from the neighborhood come over to watch V. she’s a lifeguard at the local pool and came to us on the recommendation of another neighbor. for a long time, we didn’t leave V with a sitter that wasn’t my mother. she was so small and delicate. now, if we’re heading out i’m happy leaving V in her care.

i truly have to go in 2 directions at this point.

first, the wedding. i live in columbus, ohio. if you’re unfamiliar, we are essentially the eastern most point of the midwest and the closest major city is chicago. an old family friend got married and i wore a great dress, but expected to be inside. i left my shades in the car and nearly left my coat as well. i’m really glad i didn’t because the entire wedding and reception were held out-of doors. in october. in ohio. with no warning! a wedding outside in october, in ohio, has the potential to be 85 degrees or rainy or 75 and sunny, but if i had known beforehand i would have worn pants and a sweater, not silk and a shrug.

second, the babysitter. like i mentioned a moment ago, our sitter is wonderful. i took V to meet her prior to her first job with us before the pool closed and V reached for her immediately. (V is generally friendly after about 5 minutes of shy.) when she arrived this weekend i was cleaning up in the kitchen. by the time i finished washing a couple pots and pans, she and V were knee deep in books. she has agreed to a regular sitting engagement with us. i’m terribly excited about this. twice a month, MHM and i can head out and eat dinner, go to the bar, go to target… whatever we want and know that V is in safe hands.

both of us are busy people and we tend to get carried away with work or just generally over tired. oftern, heading to bed sounds better than staying up to watch stupid tv. i’m really looking forward to guaranteed time we get to spend with each other.

looking forward to tuesdays,



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