the attention span of a toddler

dear world,

V is officially walking. here and there, back and forth, into the kitchen, through the dining room, through the living room and over to the stairs. no, V, it’s not time to go upstairs yet. back she goes. it’s pretty funny to watch.

8760_orig.jpgvery into books right now. in our dining room, we have a large bookcase filled with books and V has 2 shelves just for her books. for the past week at least, in between dinner and bedtime, she’ll go pick up a book, bring it over and throw herself into my lap with the full expectation that i will read the book to her. then she’ll go get another one. we’ll do this for probably an hour. it’s amazing.

See full size imageinteresting thing for me is the duration of her ability to pay attention. she clearly wants to read the story, or rather hear the story, but she also want to participate in the book by turning the pages, pointing to the figures on the page, making the corresponding animal sounds to the image or spoken word. however, some books simply have too many words. while she’ll pay attention to 15 books over 30 minutes, we can’t get past the 4th page of chicka chicka boom boom. eric carle adapted aesop’s fables and i have no idea if the words are any good at all because we only look at the pictures.

happy V loves books,



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