yeah, i picked a fight for no good reason

dear world,

last night, i totally picked a fight for no good reason. i got home and had a sore throat, V had only slept 1 1/2 hours at school and MHM had nothing to say. how was your day? fine. anything interesting? nope. ok.

we always eat dinner together. it’s part of the routine with V. she ate her pizza, we ate our spaghetti carbonara and didn’t really chat at all. then V and i read books while MHM cleaned up the kitchen. poor little girl kept speeding up the tired-er she got until finally i took her up for bed. no peeps.

we watched an episode of the wire, we watched last week’s top chef and he looked at his iphone the whole time. i guess i had finally relaxed by this point and felt like having a conversation, but MHM wouldn’t engage with me, didn’t answer when i asked questions, didn’t listen when i was talking. so i picked a fight. but here’s the thing, i can’t tell if i was just tired and over reacting or if he was legitimately being frustrating.

really disliking feeling angry for no reason,



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