meatless meal: tomato, basil and goat cheese

hello world,

our meatless meal this week is one of my favorite stand-by’s. we discovered it a couple years ago in a marcella hazan italian cookbook and have modified it to suit our week night dinner routine. here’s what we do:

tomato, basil and goat cheese

  1. make your favorite basic tomato sauce (or grab a jar of basic tomato sauce)
  2. boil enough penne, rigatone or cannelloni to feed your family
  3. when the pasta is al dente, move it from the pot directly into the pan of sauce and stir through
  4. turn off the heat and crumble in a small log of goat cheese, stirring until smooth
  5. tear fresh basil directly into the pan, stir through and serve

for our family of 3, we usually use about 1/2 a box of penne and 3/4 of the goat cheese. if you’re serving more people, just add more pasta and cheese. i do want to note that choosing pasta with a hole through the center is preferable for this dish because it allows sauce to get in every bite. with spaghetti or linguine the sauce just falls off onto the plate- clearly not as tasty.

enjoying our meatless monday success (on tuesday!),



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