kids’ music: part b

hello world,

usually, b is for banana, baboon and bacon, but today b is for they might BE giants. possibly you have heard of them? i saw them in concert several years ago (ok- many, many years ago). i don’t remember which year, but i do remember having a rockin’ good time. better known for songs like istanbul (not constantinople) and other adult music, they might be giants have done several kids’ albums.

we have 3 of their kids’ albums: here come the 123s, here come the abcs and no!. there are winners on each album. on the numbers album, each song focuses on a different number. my current favorite is the pirate girls nine. the letters album also has separate songs dealing with individual letters. V broke it down to the vowel song during snack this morning. no! is just great music.

they might be giants released a new record this month called here comes science. i learned about it from a good friend and astonomer. i haven’t heard it yet, but i’m looking forward to adding to our collection. the challenge is that kids’ music is designed to get stuck in your head and i’ve been singing the pirate girls song for the last 3 days…

pirate girls, pirate girls, pirate girls nine,



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