fun free stuff to do with a toddler

dear world,

last weekend, we arrived at a moment in time with nothing to do and no funds to do anything really fun like going to the zoo. we went for ice cream instead of sitting around. V is a big fan.


this week, i remembered a conversation with a friend about a farm on the south side of the city. V can make lots of animal sounds and is completely fascinated by creatures big and small. reasonably, a trip to a farm could be quite enlightening. she can correctly identify cats, puppies and the turtle at daycare, but pretty much all other animals apart from sheep are theoretical.

after a quick phone call, i figured out the skinny. the farm is actually part of a metro park which means it’s not too far away and it’s free! tomorrow morning we are taking a trip to slate run living historical farm.  within the park are picnic tables as well as a barn with the animals. i’m thrilled to see her reaction. maybe we’ll even learn some new animal sounds.

looking forward to farm fun,


UPDATE: V loved the farm! it’s located a little less than 30 minutes from our house in the top corner of picaway county. you can get up close to lots of animals: sheep, chickens, cows, horses, turkeys and pigs. there’s lots of room to run around and people to tell you useful information. we learned which pigs are mamas, which pig is the daddy and which pigs are going to be butchered this fall.

the picnic area is big and nice with several picnic tables shaded by trees. we had every intention of trying it out until we realized that the cooler with our sandwiches did not make it into the car. we had to cut the trip short because V really needed to eat lunch. we’re going back, though.


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