meatless mondays: maybe?

dear world,

i’ve been reading a lot lately about the meatless mondays campaign and for the past 3 weeks, our household has attempted to participate.

the idea behind the meatless monday movement is that if everyone goes meatless for 1 day per week , the world will become a better place. elimintating meat from our meals will reduce our carbon footprint. it will reduce the number of cows/pigs/chickens in industrial feedlots. it will improve our health as a society.

according to their website:Meatless Monday: one day a week cut out meatMeatless Monday: one day a week cut out meat

Our goal is to help reduce meat consumption 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet. We’re a non-profit initiative, in associate with the John Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health.

i believe the reasoning is excellent and i support the goal to improve our world and public health. personally, i want to keep my family healthy and have a sustainable food system for V as she grows up. however, i’ve only been successful 2 out of the last 3 weeks. here’s why:

  1. week 1: i had toast for breakfast, salad for lunch, pasta with tomatoes, basil and goat cheese for dinner. success! MHM had lunch meat for lunch and V ate a turkey wrap for lunch at school. sort of success…
  2. week 2: ate lunch at a mexican restaurant. as a result of my dairy allergy i literally could only eat meat if i wanted to eat lunch. total failure.
  3. week 3: eggs for breakfast. eggplant and tomato sandwiches for dinner. lunchtime choices: frozen vegetarian burritos or lunch meat from the local butcher. i officially went meatless, but ate crappy frozen food instead of local, fresh food. success?

i am going to commit my family to eat at least 1 dinner per week that contains no meat. it might not be monday, but we’ll build it into the menu. we will only buy meat from the local butcher and chicken from the local poultry place. i will not give my money to the industrial meat farms.

here’s hoping,



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