this weekend: just me and V

hello world,

it’s labor day weekend and MHM is out of town visiting friends, celebrating a wedding. i would have loved to go celebrate, but with V in tow the difficulty level rose to an insurmountable degree. so this weekend, it’s just me and V hanging out at home.

i remember when it didn’t seem like a big deal to hop in the car and drive 6 hours to chicago for 2 days. 2 travel days, 2 days of fun. now, just thinking about all the gear we would need to bring along is exhausting: pack and play, sippy cups, diapers, milk….

we have lots of good plans to keep us busy, though. our regular saturday morning trip to the market for fresh food for the week, then dinner with a girlfriend saturday night. sunday, we’re going to lunch with nana and have a date to meet our new babysitter up at the pool. monday is rest day (and laundry).

september 1 007

hopefully the weather is good and we can at least play outside again. it will be much less fun to have V time if we’re trapped indoors for 3 days.

maybe a little lonely,



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