a good sales person makes all the difference

dear world,

this afternoon, V and i went up to the mall. i have a wedding to attend in less than two weeks and the dress i thought i was going to wear is simply not going to work. (originally intended to be worn as a bridesmaid and the wedding is off, yet the dress is clearly meant to be worn accordingly.) oh well.

i went to the limited after lunch and before nap. i did not have an eternity to shop and needed a good sales person to make it happen. as an aside, i’m on the look out for a brown suit as well.

i walked in and a fellow asked what i was looking for. i was honest; i need help, i said. i gave him a specific run down including sizes and off he went while i wandered around looking at tops. (i have a fancy pair of pants i could wear to the wedding with a great shirt as back up.) in about 5 minutes, he had started a dressing room for me and pulled several dresses, tops and the one brown suit they stock. he even gave me the largest dressing room since i had V in her stroller.

when i asked for help, he went and got other options. the dress i chose needed to be steamed and he started the steamer and had it taken care of as i paid. seriously, V started to lose her mind as nap time approached and he got me out of there without a hitch.

brilliantly, i left my phone in the fitting room. fortunately, i realized it prior to actually getting all the way home. he found it for me and made small talk as he left on his break. i truly appreciate someone who can listen to what i need then scour the store to find all the options it would take me ages to find on my own.




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