fat lip baby

dear world,

today, V got her first decent injury. nothing broken, but she is sporting a fabulous fat lip. poor girl.

yesterday, she really starting walking in earnest- taking the risk to let go of fingers, table, ottoman to saunter across the floor. except it’s kind of like watching someone learning how to roller skate. there’s a good slow start, momentum builds and no one knows how to stop! where are the brakes?!


well, after lunch we took a blanket and some toys out in the backyard to enjoy the sun. it’s one of the last really nice days of summer and i couldn’t handle being inside another minute. she sat quietly for a while and then it was go time. she held one finger and went in a circle. then she held one finger and we walked together to go see the flowers in the raised bed next to the garage. this bed is bordered by wooden rails. back to the blanket. ok, it’s time, i’m on my own mommy. V takes off and sits on her butt. V takes off and goes 5 feet into the middle of the yard and crawls back. V takes off and careens into the wooden rail face first!

after some serious tears, ice and ice water she settled down and is currently sounds asleep. after that stressful afternoon who wouldn’t need a nap? i’m having wine instead. ultimately, she’s fine, but i feel bad that her first actual injury with blood and everything happened because i encouraged her to take the risk. she’s a brave little girl.

wishing for some roller skates,



2 Responses to “fat lip baby”

  1. 1 aunti manda August 30, 2009 at 2:20 am

    poor little v!

    i think its good that you encourage her to be brave, cm!

    cant wait to see you both next week!

  2. 2 candidlymommy August 30, 2009 at 9:21 am

    i know! last night, right before bed she got all adventurous again and fell one more time. she is certainly bold and independent, i’ll give her that…

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