1 hour is not enough

dear world,

this morning i left at 6am. V just woke up so i got a nice snuggle before i left the house. i spent the day in cleveland then drove back. i missed dinner, but got home with about an hour before bedtime.

as i walked in the back door, she’s sitting on the kitchen floor being a sad baby. i sat down with her and we played together. she walked around and played with the keys. i stacked up boxes into towers and she smashed them down. we said hi to the baby in the photo and practiced walking without holding on.

i had work to do. i hadn’t eaten yet. i needed to make a salad to bring to dinner tomorrow night. the dishwasher needed to be emptied and refilled. i couldn’t justify wasting that one hour on chores.

V settled down and turned back into the happy baby she usually is. we had a great bedtime and all my chores are finished now. she’s asleep and i’m on my way.

wishing for more hours awake,



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