kids’ music: part a

dear world,

a is for apple. a is for alligator. a is for aardvark. today, a is for album. if you have a child or know a child or started out life as a child, i’m sure you listened to your fair share of kids’ music. everyone i know can still sing “the wheels on the bus” and “old macdonald has a farm” without missing a beat. there are classics that will never pass into oblivion.

and sometimes those classics make me want to stick a fork in my eye.

there is a growing trend among established artists to create a kids’ album that adults can also appreciate if not down right enjoy. as we get to know each other more, i’ll continue to share our favorite adult artists with kids albums. V has her own ipod– for  a modern baby she needs to understand how to access her music. when we’re making dinner or just playing around we’ll plug in her ipod and she can dance away.

my current favorite is laurie berkner. i think she is primarily a children’s musician and we have three of her albums: under a shady tree, victor vito and whaddaya think of that. i get the feeling she has a child and as they play together, these are the songs they sing. the songs are simple and uncomplicated (as children’s music should be). but, they are wonderful! she sings a song about rhubarb pie! i’m in the shower with the chorus running on a loop in my brain, but i don’t mind. the other bonus to laurie berkner’s music is that she doesn’t talk down to kids-  “rhubarb pie is a hot commodity.” what baby sings anything about being a hot commodity?

V loves her albums. when we start a song she stops whatever she’s into and breaks it down- dancing, shaking her head, bending her knees, shaking her egg. seriously, hours of decent entertainment that grown-ups can manage as well.

glad it’s not the same old songs,



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