V’s time limit

dear world,

i imagine that if V could communicate using words, this is the letter she would have sent me yesterday:

dear mommy,

i have reached the end of my rope. you made me sit in this car seat for entirely too long and i want out now! the sun is in my eyes. i can’t move. i want to crawl. i want to do it myself. i am really tired. i am trapped in this stupid car seat and it is your fault. why is new york so far away from our house? can’t it be closer? then i wouldn’t have to cry for an hour while you drive. i hope you have learned your lesson: 7 hours in a car seat is too long after being away from home for a week. i am going to sleep now. maybe when i wake up it will be over.

love, V

it is possibly one of the most helpless feelings to drive the car while the baby is crying as hard as she ever has before. we actually stopped the car to try to settle her. i picked her up and held her for a couple minutes and her breathing slowed down, her heart stopped pounding and she rested her head on my shoulder. but we were still almost 2 hours from home and i had to put her back in the car. as soon as she figured out what i was doing, it was over. MHM climbed over the seat to sing to her, hold her hand, continue to replace the pacifier that she continued to chuck. eventually she settled and slept the last hour, but i felt so tense i couldn’t relax.

this morning she woke up a happy baby again. we’ve already been to the market and eaten breakfast and second breakfast. happily, she’s down for her nap.

glad to be home,



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