hugs are nice… and new for V

dear world,

our week of family vacation ends tomorrow. we are reversing our 7 hour drive and heading home after lunch. i really hope she naps in the car.

today, we visited a great-grandma and various other relatives and V has learned how to give really good hugs. she just started actually holding on within the last week or so and i love it. we’ve snuggled, we’ve ¬†rocked, we’ve held hands while she toddles around, but an actual hug is pretty special.

as she ran through great-grandmas house with her grandpa f this afternoon she took a corner too fast and wiped out. tears, tears, tears! and then she held on tight. V is terribly independent and always has been so a demonstration that she needs me close is a wonderful feeling. when i pick her up off the changing table i get a hug every time now. *sigh*

this evening she couldn’t settle down to go to sleep and i got more hugs even though it’s hotter than hell. she still needed to be close to sort herself out enough to fall asleep. now i’m hot, too, but happy.

feeling loved,



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