7 hours in a car: 8 hours total travel

hello world,

we have safely arrived in central ny. i must say, the drive out was not the worst thing in the world. we set out with V having eaten a good lunch, a clean diaper and no nap. she fell asleep by the time we hit the outer belt and slept for 2 1/2 hours. the most challenging section came next: clean pants and a potty break, then back in the car until dinner. i started out in the front seat and pretty soon ended up in the back seat, entertaining the baby.

we actually stopped for dinner for almost an hour. i can’t remember the last time i ate at mcdonald’s, but i knew they would have a bathroom and no one would mind if V wandered around. MHM stood in line and ordered while i walked with V. up and back, towards the bathrooms, back towards the counter- poor girl was contained for way too long.

then back in the car for the rest of the trip. MHM had a fever so i drove, but V settled right down. she slept until we stopped for fuel and stayed awake until after 9pm. we got to grandma and grandpas, the pack and play was already set up. all i had to do was get the sheet on the mat, settle V down and she went down like a champ.

pre-baby, this trip took about 7 hours. when V still took a bottle, this trip took almost 9 hours. i’m pleased to say that we are back- 7 hours driving, 8 hours total. not a bad trip in all.

happy travels,



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