i’ve got those daycare blues

hello world,

i work full time during the week and V goes to daycare. during the summer, she’s only at school 2 days a week, but in the fall it’s back to school full time for everyone. normally, she loves going to daycare. “hi!” she says to all her teachers. “hi!” she says to all her friends. there are balls to play with and big kids to watch and fun toys to climb on. who wouldn’t love spending a day at school?

this morning, however, she had no interest in staying at school and cried and cried when i put her down. what an awful feeling! she clung to my shoulder and big alligator tears spilled down her cheeks. i stayed for a while to ease her transition, but eventually i had to go ahead and walk out the door. i could hear her crying in the hall and all the way into the front room as i left. i know she is safe and well cared for, but it’s one of my biggest struggles to leave her when she’s sad. she feels abandoned and i feel like i’m abandoning her. ugh.

ultimately, she calmed down and spent a fine day with the other kids. she ate her food, drank her sippy and took a decent nap. when i picked her up she smiled a huge smile and off we went. apparently i’m forgiven.

from the mommy of sad baby,



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