cheeseburger in paradise? really?

dear world,

i am appalled to admit that i have now eaten at the jimmy buffet theme restaurant cheeseburger in paradise twice in the last 2 months. since we are just getting to know each other, you may not be aware of my aversion to chain restaurants in general and ridiculously themed restaurants in particular.

why did i go? my mother, aka nana, took V and me out to lunch to catch up after i had been away travelling. we were at the mall. V needed to eat asap. we sat in an enclosed porch, made a huge mess and danced while we ate.

why did i go back? my daughter loves this place. loud music is constantly playing in the background and the floors are cement so when she drops her lunch over the side it’s not the end of the world. today we spilled milk all over the place and no one cared. there are lots of kids to watch and bright lights for her to focus on. the kids menu is perfectly respectable as well. she did some serious damage to a bowl of macaroni and cheese with mandarin oranges instead of fries. they even put milk in her sippy cup.


my food was completely mediocre and nana had a salad that looked just fine. whatever- V had a ball and that’s what’s important.

hoping you enjoy the weekend,



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