national farmers market week

hello world,

next week is national farmers market week. until today, i didn’t realize that national farmers market week existed to celebrate. we will be celebrating a little early. our weekend routine usually involves a trip to either the clintonville farmers market or the north market farmers market and each has its own value.

there’s no sleeping in on saturday mornings because V does not realize it’s the weekend and still wants her breakfast around 6:30am. the good thing is that we’re usually among the first shoppers to choose our menu from the various vendors. at the north market, my favorites include the pepper people for peppers and wishwell farms for tomatoes. i think the elizabeth telling farm has the best greens, eggs and potatoes and this farmer has a stand at both markets. then we move down the row for whatever fruit is in season and corn from rhoads farm– they usually have good berries, too.

this is the best time to eat in our house. we eat less meat and more vegetables and fruit and V loves everything. when it was asparagus season, we had to buy 2 bundles a week- and she could eat half a bunch all by herself. who ever heard of a baby who couldn’t get enough asparagus? i find that i can’t purchase produce at the supermarket anymore with such bounty right downtown. i know where the food was grown, i can meet the farmers and i know that V is not ingesting chemicals.

enjoying the summer veggies,



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